Celebrate their Graduation with These Top 5 Flowers to Make Your Singaporean Graduate Smile!

Graduation season is coming for Singapore’s university students! Imagine, standing at the entrance of their university auditorium where their graduation ceremony is about to take place, feeling the buzz of energy in the air. Can you feel it? The nervous excitement, the bittersweet relief, the thrill of anticipation as they go up on stage to receive that hard-earned degree.

After many semesters of lectures and late-night cram sessions (and suppers!), graduation is a time for celebration! If you’re thinking of getting a flower bouquet for your friend or customising a special bouquet for your friend, we’re here to share the top 5 flowers for friends and family taking their next step out into this phase of life.

#1 Sunflowers

For a sunshine state of mind. ☀ 

Imagine standing in a field of tall, yellow sunflowers. As the sun rises, these vibrant blooms all turn towards it, reflecting off warm beams of joyful light.

Sunflowers are without a doubt one of the most popular flowers for graduation. With its bright yellow petals, symbolising cheerfulness and your wishes of a bright future for your friend or family, a graduation bouquet consisting of sunflowers is sure to be heartily received.

Pair them with orange baby breaths, chamomile flowers, pink Eustomas and more to create the perfect bouquet.

#2 Gerbera Daisies

A party in a bouquet.

Gerbera daisies come in a dazzling array of colours are like confetti for your heartfelt congratulations wishes. Each gerbera colour reveals a lovely message:

Yellow: Celebration, cheerfulness

Pink: High esteem, admiration

Red: Love

Gerberas are also a more affordable option as compared to other blooms, which make them a thoughtful gift from those who are running on a tighter budget but still want to give their friends a flower bouquet, bring them out for lunch, and possibly go to a photobooth!

#3 Tulips

A sophisticated touch of elegance in any bouquet.

A symbol of royalty, and of deep, perfect love, tulips are a special, exotic flower! Being seasonal in nature, tulips are a more exclusive choice compared to year-round blooms. Though we commonly think of tulips in their closed state, Singapore’s humidity can make them blossom quickly into full blooms!

Tulips are also known to grow around an inch a day, even after they’ve been freshly cut, which makes it an interesting flower to place in a vase as a table arrangement after it’s been taken out from the bouquet.

#4 Hydrangeas

A symbol of strength and perseverance.

Hydrangeas are known for their extravagant blooms and come in a breathtaking range of colours! Being an exotic flower, it’s perfect for any of our graduate friends and family that hydrangeas are in season from May to July.

Beyond their beauty, hydrangeas hold a special message for graduates. This bloom thrives in Japan’s most rainy season which makes it especially meaningful as you celebrate your friends and loved ones’ achievements and perseverance through the challenges they faced and conquered throughout their academic journey!

#5 Roses

Everyone’s favourite blossom of love!

While roses are traditionally used to express romantic love, they remain a timeless classic even between the best of friends!

Besides red roses, yellow roses express the warmth of a beautiful friendship, and pink roses express your admiration! Paired together with other blooms, roses can make your bouquet feel even more grand and heartfelt.

Celebrate them with a Heartfelt Congrad-ulations!

As you watch your loved ones and friends blossom and take this new step forward, may they be reminded of your care and love for them. Whether you get them a gift, take them out for a meal, snap a dozen (or more!) photos, we hope you make many lasting memories that they’ll treasure a long time to come as they embark on this exciting journey ahead.

To all the graduates of 2024, Humming wishes you a Happy Graduation!

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