Find Out How to Cheer Your Loved Ones Up Beyond The Usual “Get Well Soon” Gifts

It’s the most wonderful time of the year again! With December easing in, and Christmas soon on its way, we’ve all been looking forward to a good rest this end-of-year season and getting our travel plans on. However, with Singaporeans experiencing another wave of COVID-19 infections, some of us may be feeling under the weather and could use some cheering up while we recover at home.

Whether you have a kopi buddy who’s down with COVID-19, a colleague who’s in need of some post-surgery cheering up, or a loved one who’s in the hospital during this end-of-year season, we’ve put together 5 creative and thoughtful ways to show you care. Let’s infuse a personal touch beyond the usual “Get Well Soon” gifts!

#1 Create a Spotify Playlist with their favourite songs. 


Round up your loved ones’ favourite tunes and craft a unique Spotify or YouTube playlist to lift their spirits. There’s nothing better than kicking back and unwinding to our favourite songs after a stressful period. According to our 2022 National Music Consumption Survey, 45% of Singaporeans turn to music for some chill time after a hectic day. With this, it’s no surprise that music is a local favourite for lifting moods.

There’s a perfect song out there for everyone, be it peaceful classical pieces, relaxing lo-fi beats, or headbanging r­­ock and roll songs. A thoughtfully crafted playlist of familiar tunes can be a creative and comforting way to brighten your friend’s day during this end-of-year season.

#2 Go for a relaxing stroll together.

Worries can often get us feeling worn out and down. If your loved one has been longing for a getaway amidst stressful schedules of medical check-ups, jio them out to slow down, unwind, and take a breath of fresh air by visiting fuss-free, relaxing nature getaways within the vicinity. Here are a few places we’ve curated especially for you:

  • East Coast Park: Many of you who stay in the East would argue that “east side is the best side!”.😎 Whether or not you agree, East Coast Park is a great place to visit if your friend wants to take a breath of fresh air surrounded by an array of vibrant pink and purple bougainvillea flowers. (Local tip: If you visit the Bougainvillea Garden at East Coast Park around 5-6pm, you might just be able to catch a family of colourful parrots soaring before your eyes, a delightful surprise.🦜)
  • Marina Barrage: Ask any Singaporean and most would agree – Marina Barrage is the go-to picnic place for your friends who love a spacious spot to relax and chill out. Buy a colourful kite online and put it to flight at Marina Barrage while enjoying a spectacular view of the city together.
  • Gardens By The Bay – OCBC Skyway: If they’re feeling a bit more adventurous and love a good bird’s eye view, why not bring your loved ones out for a stroll at the OCBC Skyway? Experience the Supertrees as they come alive in a mesmerising light and sound performance at 7.45pm or 8.45pm.✨🎶
  • Bishan-Ang Mo Kio Park: Just a short drive away from a few major hospitals, Bishan-Ang Mo Kio Park is a popular go-to if you want to take a tranquil wheelchair-friendly stroll along its lush greenery and unique waterways. You could also grab a yummy meal at some popular cafes nearby.

If all these talk about nature strolls has got your stomach rumbling like a playful thunderstorm, it’s time to move on to our next delightful suggestion…

#3 Get them their go-to comfort foods.

Bring a smile to your kakis and loved ones by cooking or ordering their favourite comfort foods. Whether it’s that sumptuous bowl of bak chor mee from the hawker centre near their childhood home, that aromatic nasi lemak from the store they frequent, or mouth-watering grilled tandoori chicken, there’s bound to be a dish that will make them feel right at home and warm their hearts. There’s no way to brighten your loved one’s day than delivering a warm, hearty dish, straight to their doorstep.

For some healthier alternatives, you could consider a fragrant bowl of fish porridge or a thoughtfully prepared home-cooked meal. You know your loved ones best. 

But if work has got you running at full speed, and you still want to show your love, check out our get well soon hampers that we’ve packed especially with you in mind. Send your colleagues and loved ones a wellness hamper packed with Singapore’s favourite healthy snacks or a nutritious fruit basket delivery to enjoy together and wish them a speedy recovery.😋

#4 Binge watch their preferred TV shows together.

We all have that one show we like to watch when we’re feeling stressed to unwind together with friends. Whether it’s comedies, action-packed movies, newly-released anime episodes or entertaining reality TV shows, enjoy some of your loved ones’ favourite shows together over a hearty meal. Sharing a good laugh over your friend’s favourite comedy or waiting in suspense as an exciting plot unfolds in the newest K-drama can be a great way to bond with your loved ones.

If binge watching TV series is not something your friend is fond of, you could also create a YouTube playlist with all the videos they might appreciate, whether it’s heartfelt recordings or videos of guided prayers, or light-hearted, humorous shorts of funny, clumsy cats. For all our loved ones who are low on energy but have been craving some quality time, this would definitely be an option you could explore.

#5 Write them a heartfelt card or send a thoughtful gift.

Lastly, for our dearest ones who love timely words of affirmation and appreciate the deep thought that goes behind gift-giving, a simple video call, handwritten card or affordable, heartfelt gifts are a great way to show them your love.

If your colleague or loved one has been feeling under the weather for an extended period of time, a printed picture of your time together and a heartfelt get well soon message from everyone would definitely cheer them right up and remind them of how much you care.

If you’ve been wanting to send them a get well gift but you’re on a budget, fear not! Gifts don’t have to be pricey; they just need to be thoughtful.😊 We’ve got you covered with a few fun gift ideas below:

  • Order an affordable card or board game online for your friend who loves to have fun.
  • If your friend is an art junky and loves hands-on activities, a simple colouring book or watercolour set can also get their creative brain juices flowing and help them practise mindfulness as they colour away.
  • For all your nature-loving enthusiasts who are feeling stuck in their rooms during their quarantine, a cheerful budget-friendly get well soon bouquet or colourful flower table arrangement would be a refreshing and delightful sight to wake up to especially if they’ve been wanting to brighten up their rooms.

Whether you’re working within a tight budget and still want to send some love or you’re ready to splurge a bit more on an elaborate gift, we have a wide range of different get well soon gifts for you to choose from. At the end of the day, regardless of the price of the gift, your loved one will see and appreciate your thoughtfulness and heart in caring for them.😊

Navigating Recovery Together

No one likes catching a bug and feeling under the weather, especially when we’re approaching the festive end-of-year season. Though these health hiccups and hurdles can come at unexpected times, what’s most heartening is that we can journey alongside one another in love through these difficult periods and press on towards the road of recovery.💪

With that, we hope that this article has been helpful in giving you a few thoughtful and creative ideas to support your loved ones who are feeling unwell beyond the usual “Get Well Soon” well wishes. Here’s to a speedy recovery and more enjoyable moments together this end-of-year season.🥳