Huat Ah! With Humming: Our Departments Reveal Their Top CNY Hamper Picks

It’s December 17th, just one week before Christmas. The world outside is gradually slowing down, poised for a serene and peaceful year-end, filled with moments of rest.

The phone rings, and suddenly, somewhere in Humming’s bustling office, one of our colleagues clears her throat, picks up the call, and puts on her friendliest, most audible ‘customer voice’ that can be heard by all of us working beside her…

“Hello! You want to order CNY hampers ah? Of course can, how many do you want?” 🤣

At Humming, Chinese New Year comes before Christmas day! We’re always planning in advance and looking forward to serving you in the next festive occasion. So if you’re one of those people who are googling “When is CNY 2024?” (10th and 11th February- you’re welcome 😉), have already started drooling over sweet, golden, crisp pineapple tarts or gotten a delightful whiff of savoury bak kwa as you excitedly await the next public holiday, we want to tell you – we’re as excited as you are!

For all of you looking to buy CNY gift sets or hampers for your valued clients, VIP customers, close family, or friends, we’re all geared up with you to celebrate this Lunar New Year and welcome the Spring Festival with lots of huat! 🧧🍊

No matter which department you’re working in, we have a treat for you today. Don’t miss out as our Humming departments spill the tea with their honest opinions and reveal their favourite CNY hampers this upcoming Spring Festival.

Welcome, dear readers, to our Chinese New Year Hampers and Gift Sets Launch! 🎉🥳

Business Development Department’s Top Picks:
Evergreen Hampers and Imperial Treasure Chests 

Our dear colleague from Business Development was happily (and quite literally) minding her own business when we asked her to pick one CNY collection she’d pick to gift to Humming’s VIP clients. But like the highly meticulous and practical person she is, she went the extra mile and gave us her top two favourite collections. Here are the main points she shared with us.

Evergreen Hampers

Tall, cone-shaped hampers decorated in vibrant pink and red colours, packed to the brim with abalone, essence of chicken, red wine, brandy, or a premium bottle of aged Cognac XO from renowned international brands, bursting with fruity flavours and a hint of cinnamon.

Our Evergreen Hampers are an excellent choice for making a lasting impression on your cherished clients, especially in competitive situations.

Price range starts from an affordable $90 to $1188, to suit every budget.
Early bird
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“For the Evergreen Hampers I’d get the vibrant cone-shaped ones, because those will literally stand out.

Can you imagine me giving a small hamper to our VIP customer who’s probably going to receive 3 or 4 other hampers? No way. I’m getting those tall ones which are about 1-metre in height to blow the competition away. 😎

For this year’s collection I have my eye on the CNY hampers with the 春 (spring) design on it, like product numbers UK65-73. I’m planning to personalise it with our company logo. These hampers are packed with CNY essentials like abalone, essence of chicken and Cognac liquor from premium brands like Skylight, New Moon, and Courvoisier, so we’re sure to leave an impression.”

Imperial Treasure Chests

Grand, modern, smooth and versatile – the keepsake boxes from our Imperial Treasure Chests are packed intricately with fine wine cellar collections, brimming with silky birds’ nest, premium Chinese New Year abalone, dried goods – fit for gifting to esteemed directors and bosses.

Price range starts from $388 to $1498, a premium gift hamper which your distinguished corporate recipients would highly appreciate.


Imperial Treasure Chests collection is impressive—it has a solid, rigid red box that won’t spoil easily and can be presented to company bosses or directors.

We always talk about how it’s reusable, but let me tell you, some of our customers might even repurpose this box and gift it to their own customers. THAT’S how great this box is, it has so many uses— not only can you put jewellery inside- let’s think outside the box a bit (pun intended), this is the perfect box to put expensive tea sets in. The possibilities are endless.

Apart from that there’s also all the must-have items packed inside—dried goods like premium fish maw, herbal cordyceps, scallops, birds’ nest so on and so forth. So this gift is all-in-one.”


Impressive and intricate packaging that stands out from the rest, premium, branded Chinese New Year essentials with at least one bottle of wine or premium liquor in every hamper, and personalisation options with your company logo pasted boldly in the front to leave a lasting impression.

What more can we say that has not already been said?

Let’s move on to the next top pick from none other than… Human Resource!

Human Resource (HR) and Creative Departments’ Top Pick:
Celebration Bundle

With its unique and festive pineapple-shaped design, affordable price point, and ready-to-eat Chinese New Year goodies which are ideal for sharing in the office, the Celebration Bundle CNY gift hamper collection is easily one of our customers’ favourite choices.

Price range starts from a budget-friendly $80 to $318.


After these rounds of interviews, we’ve come to a conclusion, dear readers – our Celebration Bundle has a very fitting name, because so many people in office are looking to celebrate Chinese New Year with it!

Without missing a beat, our HR colleague summarised her favourite CNY hamper that she’d share with the staff in one simple sentences: “UK306 Royal Bundle hamper– got wine, got abalone!” 🥂

During our Chinese New Year Hamper and Gift Sets launch, lively discussions also arose company wide.

“Wah, all the CNY goodies in this collection are ready to eat ah? This Celebration Bundle sounds great for sharing at the office… Better keep some for ourselves-”  😂

And when we asked the most aesthetically inclined department in our company for their opinion, the Creative department promptly agreed on our festive Celebration Bundles with no holds barred:

“I like this one, it’s shiny, festive- the pineapple is cute, and there’s a lot huat feels… this ong lai really heng ong huat (translation: this pineapple really ushers in the prosperity!).” 😁🍍

It’s hard to deny that our Celebration Bundle is the (pine)apple of our eyes. 😉 With the most charming packaging out of all our Chinese New Year Hampers and Gift Sets set at a budget-friendly price, it’ll be easy for you to spread the CNY joy and prosperous wishes all around, just like how we’re planning to!

Coming up! Our most anticipated CNY hampers from our most money-minded department… 💰💵

Finance Department’s Top Pick: Abalone Gift Hampers

Juicy and succulent branded abalones all tightly packed into this glistening golden gift – Abalones take the centre stage in our Abalone Gift Hampers collection, perfectly complemented with silky birds’ nest desserts, premium dried goods and a bottle of bold, cherry red wine.

Kickstart a prosperous new year with this vibrant CNY gift hamper.

Prices range from an affordable, value-for-money $168 to $388.


Hihgly anticipated to be our best-seller this year, our Abalone Gift Hampers bring the BLING with its giant golden ingot design and 招财进宝(鲍)well-wishes (meaning, ushering in wealth and prosperity) that are sure to brighten your corporate recipients’ and families’ days.

Our Finance department, who hold ALL our departmental gifting budgets in their hands, selected this collection as their top pick and recommended their favourite product to us. 😆

UK608 Bao Wang hamper. The rule is simple: Whatever we give must both be value-for-money and must look good, so this gift hamper is really Bao Wang. UK608 looks presentable with the abalone and red wine in the front, and it has all the key CNY items—birds’ nest, dried goods, Brandy XO, 2 bottles of red wine… it’s only $388. How come we’re charging so affordable ah? 🤣

The Finance Department has spoken.

With every Abalone Gift Hamper guaranteed to come with at least one red, cherry wine or premium hard liquor, this CNY gift hamper is perfect for ushering in the prosperity of the new year for you and your recipients.

In other words, our Abalone Gift Hampers will 保证你鲍Huat (guarantee your company’s prosperity)! 😂🤭

Moving on to our last two department picks…

e-Commerce Department’s Top Pick: Plentiful Oranges

Sweet mandarin oranges tucked neatly and heaped up in our spring baskets! Great for gifting to corporate individuals, close relatives, or sprucing up your own home with CNY festivities.

Price range starts at $65 to $168.


Whenever there’s a special occasion, our hardworking e-Commerce team loves to use their budget to send tokens of appreciation to our VIP customers. This Chinese New Year is no exception.

“For the Plentiful Oranges collection, the UUK757 Gold Treasure hamper looks the best. It’s vibrant and red, decorated with fresh flowers. If customers want alternative handmade flowers, they can place a special order and we can make it work.

It also has the most birds’ nest, and that’s something that the young and old alike can eat and enjoy… time to get this for my family haha.”

“Apart from that, I’d probably get the UUK752 Prosperity Gold gift basket, because of the handmade 桃花 (peach blossom) flowers. In Chinese we say 桃花朵朵开 (peach blossoms are blooming in abundance), so this basket has a very refreshing, ‘Spring is here!’ message that’s great for CNY. 🌸

Speaking of spring, here’s our very last floral top pick from our cherished department, the one who makes all these giftings possible: our florists and production staff. 🌺😊

Florists and Production Department’s Top Pick: Everlasting Blooms

Bursting with bold and vibrant shades of red, orange, yellow and gold, these elaborate floral arrangements are sure to usher in the festive CNY mood into whichever room you choose to place it in.

Price range for these tall floral arrangements starts from an affordable $68 to $128.


Conversation in Mandarin:

Everlasting Blooms要选一个的话肯定选UUK903 Everlasting Abundance – 你看它有红掌花,这里写着“满财”的这个字条- 富有喜气的感觉。红色又是一个很吉利又很有福气的颜色。若有人给我送这盆花,我就把它摆在家里门口,或在电视柜旁,会很受欢迎的。”

“这盆UUK902 Everlasting Beauty 也富有 “春”的感觉。有大朵红色的牡丹花和那“红豆”的植物,买了我会把它摆在家里桌子上,或在沙发旁边,我觉得会很好看。”


Translation in English:

UUK903 Everlasting Abundance from the Everlasting Blooms collection is very festive because of its Flamingo Lilies, and the Chinese New Year sticker also wishes people a year full of abundance. Its very auspicious! I’ll place this at the entrance of my house or right next to the TV- it’s pleasant to see and will welcome relatives who come over.

UUK902 Everlasting Beauty brings the joyful feelings of spring and happiness because of its big red handmade peony flowers. It’ll look great placed next to my sofa or in the centre of the dining table.”

These handmade flowers delicately put together by dedicated florists and production staff will last throughout the Chinese New Year season and keep your homes and offices looking bright, cheery, and vibrant. If you’re looking for fresh flowers, our Prosperity Blooms also stand ready to blossom into colour with sweet, delightful aromas this new year.

Humming Wishes You All The Huat And Happiness

So! We hope this blog has put you in a good mood as we all look forward to the festive Chinese New Year! Whether you’re waiting in anticipation for the yummy Chinese New Year goodies, going back home to visit your loved ones, or eager to receive sincere well-wishes with hongbao, may this Chinese New Year be one full of celebration, joy and laughter.

Till next time dear readers! 🧧🎉😊 Huat ah! Happy Chinese New Year!

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