EIGHT Fun and Out-of-the-Ordinary CNY Bonding Activities for 2024

CNY is fast on its way! With all the festive cheers going around, we imagine some of you are beginning to feel quite excited. Let’s face it – the truth is: deep down, we all love CNY. Shopping discounts for the latest clothes, a public holiday off in-lieu, and snacks– snacks are the ULTIMATE dealbreaker. 😆

There’s only ONE main problem we all face: the dreaded annual questions. (cue disappointing music 😔)

CNY can be a bit stressful for some of us, but despite this, we still believe every downer can be an opportunity to learn more about ourselves, what we value, and hey, maybe even create memories to look back and laugh about? 😊

To cheer you up this CNY, we’ve compiled a list of EIGHT fun and out-of-the-ordinary activities of HUAT (what 😉) you could do with your family and friends to make this CNY one to celebrate. We’re all in this together 🎵, and we’ve got you covered! Enough talk from us, happy reading! 🧧🍊🎉

#1 Create a family BINGO!

What better way to turn that frown upside down by compiling our common CNY experiences into a fun family BINGO? Whether it’s a Bingo box of 9, 16, or even 25, there’s bound to be laughs to share as you and your family design a CNY Bingo that you can share with your cousins over the new year celebrations.

Decide on a small ‘prize’ that the family Bingo winner can claim over CNY to add in a bit more fun and excitement! Just imagine the unexpected joy of being able to cross out your final Bingo box when you hear the question “when are you getting married?”. 😂 Let’s turn your crisis into opportunity! 🤩

While you’re at it, you could come up with a list of wholesome ways to respond to these dreaded questions together with the people you trust. This is a good chance to laugh and share your experiences in a light-hearted way with siblings or cousins who might just be experiencing the same things you are going through. And hey, it’s a great way to prepare in advance for when these questions come.

“When are you planning to have children ah?”

(jokingly) “When you ready to help us take care of the kids lah Auntie. Onz ah?” 😂😉

#2 Make a set of CNY decorations to bless the family!

Add on to the festive mood at home with your very own family set of CNY decorations that are bound to give the Chinatown sellers a run for their money. 🧨😁

You don’t have to be an artist to make simple CNY decorations together this new year. A little creativity can go a long way. Here are a few CNY décor ideas!

For your families:

Reuse old red packets or coloured paper to make beautiful red lanterns that you can string up with fairy lights in the home. If they’re up for it, everyone in the family can jot down their hopes for the new year or blessings for the family on their own lanterns before stringing it all up together.

Or, if you have a leftover mooncake box from last year’s mid-autumn festival, why not fill it up with some angbao/coloured paper origami fish? Anyone who comes to the house can feel free to take one and write a blessing for your family down on it.

Putting up a piece of mahjong paper on the free space on your walls could also be a great way to entertain your nieces and nephews who are itching to doodle CNY well-wishes this Chinese New Year. 🖍😉

For couples who just got married:

For those of you who just got married a year or 2 ago (congratulations!! 🥳), we imagine you have not been looking forward to giving out angbaos. Why not turn this downer into a chance to have a bit of fun? 🎈

Take a short while during your rest time together after work to draw out simple designs for your red packets. For you lovey-dovey couples, you could design matching ones online and get them printed out this CNY. 🥰

But if you and your significant other are also fun-loving, competitive souls, you COULD hold a mini couple competition between the both of you to design individual red packets to give together as a pair and surprise your relatives with personal designs. 😝

You: “Ah ma, mine or (insert your spouse’s name) look nicer??”

Spouse (light-heartedly): “Of course mine look nicer. Ah ma confirm pick mine.” 🤣😊

For your beloved elders

And last but not least, fun activities for your elders! If you know of elders who are skilled in calligraphy writing, take out a little time this CNY holiday to get some brushes and ink ready for a little calligraphic fun with your beloved grandparents, aunties or uncles. 🎨🖌

Just like how we love playing with our adorable nieces and nephews, perhaps our elders might just want to spend a little time with us and get updated with our lives too, albeit their strange way of communicating it at times. 😊

#3 Go on a CNY Scavenger Hunt.

This one is for you busy mums and dads out there who need help shopping for CNY! Clothes for the whole family, CNY decorations, new red packets, cleaning materials for spring cleaning, abalone for reunion dinner… The list is endless! Arranging a fun family scavenger hunt is the perfect excuse to get your kids to do some work (and also build some independence! 😉😆).

Make a list of things this Chinese New Year that you want to buy, then tell the kids: Your next trip to the grocery store is going to be a special family scavenger hunt. 😂😊

But of course, if you’re someone looking to have a little fun with your family or are hosting a CNY party with your friends this Chinese New Year, you could also conceal a few things around the house as a fun little activity after your reunion dinners!

Hide 20 small oranges 🍊 or short, handwritten blessings around the house in the places they wouldn’t even think to look. The person who finds the most objects can get a cute CNY prize of your choice!

#4 Picture up and store precious memories for your post-CNY trip down memory lane.

The most important part of CNY isn’t the snacks (though those are VERY important), but we can all agree it’s the people who matter the most. 😊

This CNY, laughs will be had, mahjong will be played, stories and life updates will be shared. Use cute film/disposable camera applications online or create a shared Google drive (if you want more natural looking photos that you can edit afterwards!) for you and your family or friends to share photos of your reunion dinners and parties.

You could even write down what the moment was about in the photo descriptions for a good laugh when you look through the shared folder together after Chinese New Year. 📝

E.g. “The moment (insert cousin’s name) coughed up his longevity noodles from laughing too much.” 😂

#5 Surprise your friends or relatives with a CNY gift.

If your love language is gift-giving, we have something in common. 😉 If your family loves traditional CNY goodies, juicy abalones, or silky birds’ nest, consider picking out an affordable hamper or festive floral arrangement from our Chinese New Year Hampers and Gift Sets Collection!

For more information on Humming departments’ personal top picks, you could check out our Huat Ah! With Humming CNY blog too. 🧧🎆😄

After all, good things must be shared. 😌😉 #ShopWithHumming

#6 Come up with a CNY board game using materials from home.

For all you board-gamers who have tried almost every game out there – it’s time to take it to the next level and make your very own one this CNY.

Designing your own CNY board game is a good way to bond with your friends and family this Chinese New Year. Put your heads together and don’t forget to discuss those loopholes so you can make the game even better together! 🕹

#7 Create a CNY Time Capsule together.

This is one of the ideas we love the most. 😊

If the CNY season has always felt like a bummer, let’s take the opportunity to gift our future selves a little gift next CNY. Whether you want to suggest this idea to your family, friends, or do this little reflective activity yourself, this is definitely a gift your future you would love and appreciate.

Write a note to one another’s future selves for a cute surprise next CNY. 🎁 If you want, you could even form a funny story chain where each of you take turns to write one line of the story, and read it together the following year!

And hey, while you’re at it, why not put all of the CNY decorations and photos you’ve already made and taken together as a family into the time capsule box too? 😊

#8 Share the CNY joy in your own ways.

Lastly, sharing is caring. 😊 To wrap it all up, share the CNY joy you’ve received with the people around you. For friends who are going through a tough time this Chinese New Year, to our hardworking public workers like our cleaners, construction workers and nurses, there’s definitely something that could put a smile on their faces.

If you have a knack for cooking, try your hand at some simple recipes to share! Or if your friend loves a little shopping every now and then, you can both go and get some matching clothes within your budget and do a little photo shoot.

There’s nothing like a little giving and sharing that can truly bring out the warmth of Chinese New Year. 💝

So! We hope these 8 ideas have been inspiring you and are making you feel just a little bit more excited for CNY? 😁 If you do end up trying any of them out, we hope you have lots of fun!

From all of us at Humming, we wish you a Happy Chinese New Year! Heng Ong Huat AH! 🥳🧨🧧🍊