Your Go-To Guide to Plan the Perfect Mother’s Day Celebration

It’s. Everywhere. It pops up suddenly on our social media, just as we’re scrolling to find some funny cat videos. We see it when we open Grab to make a food order, get flooded by it when we open our emails…

Mother’s Day advertisements. They are everywhere, and there is no escape. 😲

Yet, with so many Mother’s Day gift ideas coming at us from right, left, centre, some of us are still finding it hard to plan a day that Mum would love. Sooo, Humming is here to help you plan the best Mother’s Day celebration from morning to night with a game of Would You Rather (Mum Edition). 🥳

Are you ready? Gather your mums, and try to be as discrete (as possible!)

Dear Mum, Would You Rather…

#1 Start the day with:

  • A yummy breakfast outdoors with family:
    Does Mum cherish quality time and shared experiences? Perhaps Mum would like a little breather from her usual routines spending a day out?

    Pick a lovely garden-themed all-day breakfast cafe, a popular local favourite (Ya Kun, we’re thinking of you 🤤) or mouth-watering dimsum place to bring Mum out for a breakfast she will love.

  • A handmade breakfast made by the children at home:
    Nothing says ‘I love you’ like a heartfelt breakfast made by the children. Even if the toast is a little burnt at the end, the bacon is a little salty, and some small eggshells are hiding in between the scrambled eggs 🍳, Mum is sure to notice and appreciate your heartfelt gesture.

    So grab some groceries at your nearby supermarkets and get to googling tasty recipes for breakfast!

#2 Enjoy a midday treat or lunch:

  • Feasting at your favourite restaurant:
    Perhaps Mum will appreciate a touch of elegance and luxury at a classy high tea restaurant. Orrr, she might just want to eat at her favourite zi char restaurant nearby. 🍴

    Either way, help Mum take a break from cooking and spend time enjoying a meal with the family with delicious foods she would love.

    Brainstorm for foods that she likes, then make a reservation or call to make the outlet is open on Sunday.

  • Sharing a cooking experience with the family:
    If your Mum chose this option, it means either one of these things: 1. Mum is a cooking enthusiast, or 2. Mum wants you to cook for once. 😂😊

    Just kidding! But one thing’s for sure – Mum wants to spend quality time with you. Whether it’s cooking (think: baking, going for a cooking class), or spending time together in her favourite hobbies, treat Mum to an enjoyable lunch.

#3 Spend a weekend:

  • Exploring new sights and sounds around Singapore:
    Adventurer alert! Some people get recharged by seeking out new experiences, and Mum is one of them!

    Does Mum love pottery? Would she fancy going on a breezy Singapore River Cruise whilst sightseeing the colourful shophouses at Clarke Quay? Or maybe she likes to cycle or hike! The possibilities are endless, and Mum is all for it.

    ☀ Check the weather, get your sunscreen ready, and plan a day of fun with Mum this Mother’s Day!

  • Resting and relaxing within the neighbourhood vicinity:
    Mums often have packed and busy schedules. Juggling everything all at once is not easy! This Mother’s Day, make time for Mum to get some much-needed rest.

    Kopi at the nearby hawker centre with some of her childhood friends, board games with the family or binge watching her favourite K-Drama at home…

    Whichever it is, Mum would appreciate some flexibility in her schedule this Sunday. Consider a free-and-easy Mother’s Day celebration in the afternoon for Mum to enjoy life’s simple pleasures, and rest in her own unique way.

#4 Receive:

  • A meaningful flower bouquet with a handwritten card:
    Some Mums may not like flowers, but your Mum certainly does. Contrary to common perceptions, flowers can be repurposed into trendy wearables and lasting gifts!

    💐 Think easy-to-make DIY floral bracelets, earrings, paperweights, and lamp stands made from resin.

    Flowers are a beautiful and classy way to show Mum your love. And what other ways to make a gift even more meaningful than with a handwritten card from her children?

    Check out our beautiful range of affordable flower bouquets for Mother’s Day here:

  • A practical gift you can use for a while:
    Practical gifts galore! If Mum works long hours at the office or at home, does Mum work in office for long hours? Does she often experience muscle aches from cooking and cleaning up around the house often?

    🎁 Think about practical gifts Mum would appreciate and use often, such as scarves (for when it gets cold at office!), a mini massage gun, or a floral-scented perfume she would like to wear out.

#5 Finish the day with:

  • A sumptuous buffet dinner in town:
    If Mum’s rested sufficiently during the day, she might be looking forward to a night out! Make your reservations for a family buffet and relish a feast together to celebrate Mother’s Day!

    Whether Mum likes Penang-Peranakan cuisine, international dishes Hong Kong, fresh seafood, or exquisite dessert selections, there’s a variety of buffets you can choose from.

  • A cosy movie dinner at home:
    Finally, if Mum is a homebody who enjoys spending time with family over a good movie and homemade caramelised popcorn, you can do just that for her this Mother’s Day. Choose a heartwarming movie, or a one packed with action – whichever one Mum likes!

Mother’s Day, all Planned out

So there you have it! A Mother’s Day celebration catered to Mum’s needs for rest and fun, from start to finish.

Our Mums spend countless hours making sure we are well taken care of. This Mother’s Day, let’s learn from her and take good care of Mum too, not just this Sunday, but every day.

To all of our dear Humming Mums, Happy Mother’s Day! 💖