Blossoms & Bites – Unique Flower Stands to Celebrate their New Shop Opening in Singapore

Your friends or business partners have done it. They’ve poured in their time, put their backs into it, and their big day has finally come – their grand opening ceremony!

What are you bringing to the grand opening ceremony? As a good friend or business partner, what can you do to attract the crowd and help them raise brand awareness for their newest business? Flower stands seem to be a great choice, but which unique floral stands will really catch eyes and make their store front pop?

Fret not, we’re back with something FRESH, with grand ideas to celebrate their next grand opening celebration!

Introducing our latest congratulatory flower stands series – Blossoms and Bites. The first of its kind in Singapore, Blossoms and Bites features a range of 4 floral arrangements and stands. Let us walk you through these 4 unique gifts!

#1 Sweet Congratulations Congratulatory Flowers (EGO278)

A red and gold grand opening flower stand featuring a double-layered cloth daisy with a lollipop bouquet as the centre.

Send them your sweetest congratulations with this elegant flower stand! Shaped like a double-layered red and gold daisy, this centrepiece brims with baby breaths, lush foliage and a sweet bouquet of colourful lollipops in the middle. Look no further for a floral stand that is sure to catch eyes and stand out from the crowd.

Price: $120 (bef. GST)

#2 Lucky Success Congratulatory Flowers (EGO279)

A striking pink grand opening flower stand with 3 legs, featuring 8 Pink Meiji Biscuits and handmade pink lilies, completed by a red and gold 'Success Always' sign.

If you’re looking for something a bit grander and striking, our Lucky Success flower stand is the one for you. Decked in shades of shocking pink, filled with Meiji Lucky Biscuit bites and handmade pink lilies, this grand opening stand is sure to take centre stage long after all the other floral stands have wilted, and leave a sweet snack for their staff to enjoy!

Price: $150 (bef. GST)

#3 Prosperity Party Congratulatory Flowers (EGO277)

A vibrant grand opening flower stand with bright orange gerbera blooms, 3 balloons, 6 festive party snacks, and a heartfelt wish of prosperity.

If your friends or business partners are holding a celebration for their grand opening ceremony, there’s no better way to celebrate than with our Prosperity Party flower stand! With vibrant orange blooms, shiny golden accents amidst a flurry of festive party snacks and bright balloons, this floral stand will bring delight to you and your recipients.

The staff are also sure to appreciate a yummy party snack after a long, busy season of welcoming first-time customers. Infuse their grand opening with festive cheer with our Prosperity Party floral stand.

Price: $100 (bef. GST)

#4 Surprise Congratulatory Flowers (EGO276)

A bright red, grand opening table floral arrangement featuring 8 Wang Wang Rice Crackers to signify prosperity, red roses, hypericum and exotic red ginger flowers.

Lastly, if their store front may have limited space due to the number of customers and snaking queues they’re expecting, why not send them our “Wang”-derful Surprise table congratulatory flowers?

Standing at 55cm tall and bursting with red roses, exotic blooms and 8 prosperous Wang Wang rice crackers, this lovable flower stand is sure to convey your heartfelt and liveliest wishes of congratulations!

Price: $80 (bef. GST)

What makes Blossoms & Bites flower stands so unique in Singapore?

Here are the 4 key benefits that we spent long thought on whilst designing Blossoms & Bites stands!

  • Uniqueness: Stand out from the crowd with flower stands that combine vibrant flowers with meaningful and tasty edibles.
  • Versatility: Whether you’re looking for a grand, festive, or space-conscious gift for your beloved friends and business partners, Blossoms & Bites has the perfect stand for your needs.
  • Lasting: While other flower stands may wilt quickly in a week’s time, gifts from Blossoms & Bites will last many weeks longer whilst delivering a prosperous and heartfelt message.
  • Convenience: Our website allows you to choose your favourite stand, customise it and have it delivered directly to your friends’ or business partners’ stores!

Are ready to celebrate their grand store openings? We’ve got your back!

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